Internet nonsense

I am constantly amazed at the nonsense one can find on the Internet, some of it posted by seemingly well-meaning people. Consider this recent post in a forum about disciplinary wives:

“I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to understand a man with a small penis might be more submissive than a man with a normal or large penise. As society and/or human nature views anything to do with ‘normal’, the penis is rather significant. Many men with this problem consider themselves inadequate and as such, submission to women is almost necessary for a marriage or relationship, to work.”

The fellow concluded by saying:

“There are usually reasons for smaller than a normal size [penis]. In my case, I was born 2 months premature in 1939. I missed the lineup for sexual organs and brains, and to be truthful, should never have married.”

No offense to the guy who wrote the post, but when I got to that last sentence, I couldn’t help but think …missed the lineup for brains? You can say THAT again! Does this mean that all submissive men are sub-standard in the endowment area? Is this what makes a man submissive—or not? What about a guy who is “cursed” with a big schlong? Would he physically be incapable of making an acceptable submissive? Maybe when pigs fly.

Over on another Loving Female Authority blog, a dominant friend of ours recently wrote about how submissive men routinely ask her if she enjoys humiliating men. Knowing that some submissive men want dominant women to make fun of their penises, telling them they are too small to be worthy or respect, she made it clear she has nothing but respect for a man who is submissive and gives himself up to her.

She said she sees no reason (and Goddess V and I concur) why a dominate woman must belittle the man who submits to her. While it’s true that for many submissive men, a certain amount of humiliation in a relationship is welcome, there is nothing written in stone of which I am aware that says humiliation is required in a female-led relationship.

So way to go to those submissive guys who think they need to be treated as lowly worms for having tiny tools that couldn’t possible satisfy a woman. We men already take heat for thinking with the wrong heard… you know, the ‘little’ head that holds a brain far smaller then the ‘big’ head. With talk like this, you’re gonna create the impression that our already impaired thinking capacity is diminished even further among submissive men due to having small ‘little’ heads.

Here’s another hot one. The same dominant woman mentioned in her blog how she got an email from a guy asking her if she would like to cut off a man’s testicles and penis.

Can you imagine? Are there men out there who actually desire this? Or are they concerned that a dominant woman would actually want to do this to her man?

I had to chuckle at this one, not because it was so outlandish as to be absurd, but because it put me in mind of a time some years ago. Goddess V and I were out having fun with another couple when the subject turned to “pussy-whipped” husbands. The other husband and I joked about how when a guy gets married, the wife pretty takes control of this balls to the point where the guy has to ask something like, “Hey honey, can I wear my balls tonight?”

A few weeks later as a gag gift, since both of us had agreed we were no longer in possession of our family jewels, the same guy presented me with a set of truck testicles. This happened about the time Goddess V and I were talking about adopting a FemDom relationship. Before the evening was over, she had taken possession of my replacement balls and tucked them away in her purse for safe keeping. Goddess V usually carries a large purse—perhaps in case she encounters a large set of balls she needs to take control of—LOL.

No matter. I didn’t mind Goddess V taking away my testicles. I can assure you however, this was the closest we have ever come to anything remotely concerning castration.

13 thoughts on “Internet nonsense

  1. Well i do aggree with much of what you said here. The problem here is a vast majority of men have the fantasy of submission and a female led marriage and get off on that but yet they only read the porn value of domination and only few really go hard core and actually read and learn on how to have a female led relationship/marriage. I do aggree that the internet has caused issues with this but on the other side of things the internet has boosted female dominated/led relationships on a much higher scale than ever before, it is how me and my wife learned about it and now its completly hand in hand with our marriage. In reguards to men who desire castration maby some do and i definitly dont, my wife keeps my nuts and the rest of my package quit secure through chastity. The penis size issue, if a man who is not endowed very well it dosnt make him any less knowing that if he is a true submissive he or she will definitly discover the many many new ways to please themselves. Take care and what a great site. john chicago burbs

  2. I just wanted to let you that a new guy is reading your site with great interest. I am really glad that I have found your site. It is so informative and insightful. The majority of the other site I have found focus way too much on the porn. Thankfully, I found your site.

  3. burnsie,
    We are glad you found your way here to our site and that you find it helpful. A brand new forum that you may find helpful is called She Makes the Rules. I’ll mention that here on this blog and create a link to it in the next day or two.

  4. The small penis humiliation guys seems to be obsessive even among fetishists. Perhaps because even among dominant women there are very few women who are sincerely interested in it. Online ProDommes find it hugely profitable.

    Here in North Carolina a group of men were arrested for running a voluntary castration service. Some men have very self-destructive sexual guilt.

  5. Lol. I had to laugh at the penis size issue. I was in a 20 year female led marriage and my size had nothing to do with me being submissive to her.

  6. Your opinions are very well written yet I know how many people find their beliefs from what is written on the internet. It may help a great many of us although it also gave alot of negativity. For example if I never went on the net I probable would never discover that I enjoy being dominant in my relationships, I’d most likely be in vanilla relationships.

    I also must say many females find their desires at a young age but don’t realize it and get mistakened that they are submissive as I did. How many young girls watch disney movies like sleeping beauty, Cinderella or beauty and the beast? Daydreaming about when they will be a princess and have someone to make all their dreams come true.

    I believe every female has that side to her and can lead the relationship,however many men go upon the wrong way of releasing it to the world and their relationship

  7. All that penis size, castration,ultimate sacrifice stuff is just male fantasy/fetish nonsense.What we women want is dedication,obedience and respect.I know a couple of FLR where the men has a very large and healthy penis.Others where the penis is average or actually small,but so what? In our society it takes a strong man to kneel in total surrender to a woman and his cock or lack of it has nothing to do with this.When I see my man on his knees before me what I want is his devotion to my every need,want and whim.I want see his devotion to our FLR.And I want to know his pleasure comes from pleasing me and not his orgasm.In other words I want to see his commitment to being trained,ruled and guided by me.And I prize his obedience and respect way above the size of his cock.I don’t want to hear any nonsense about castration I want to hear about his intense desire to worship at my feet.

  8. Diana,

    Way to go, girl!

    I said something similar to VK earlier today. He gave me a hard time and disrespected me (in my eyes, which is all that matters). So we went to bed angry, which isn’t normal for us. When we awoke, he didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong. So I made him kneel at my feet, kiss them and apologize for his ignorant behavior.

    Just so the readers of this sight don’t get the impression that VeezKnight is all that and a bag of chips when it comes to FemDom. Yeah, he’s ahead of most men on this, but from my perspective, sometimes I think he thinks this is all about him and what he wants. You ladies who read this know that this lifestyle is NOT about that. It’s about what the WOMAN wants, and if her man is a good boy and behaves himself, she may give him a little of what he wants.

    I agree with you, Diana. What we women want most is respect and absolute obedience.

  9. It’s just a fact,even the most surrendered,well trained,devoted male needs to be reminded every now and then that this is all about the WOMAN’S pleasure and benefit and not his.Males need to remember that they are fortunate to have us to train and use them.We bring meaning,purpose and order into their lives,we are
    their reason for living.They need to remember that it is a privilege to worship at our feet.We will decide if and when they orgasm and how.And we have the right to punish or reward them as we see fit.What I expect and demand is blind obedience and total respect at all times,not excuses.And then, maybe if I’m in a good mood I might
    decide to reward him.Even then I expect his reward to be for my benefit.But he is never to ask for it,for him it’s reward enought just to be allowed at my feet.

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    I have a mission that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

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