One picture is worth a thousand words

This photo apparently is currently circulating throughout email land, and was forwarded to me this morning by a married friend who, while being an “in-charge” kinda guy, has been happily married long enough to know who REALLY leads the relationship. The subject line of the email read: A man’s life summed up in one photo!! I got a good laugh when I opened the email and saw the picture. Indeed, it does pretty much say it all. The interesting thing is that most men will look at this picture and smile and pass the email on to a buddy. That’s because most guys in their heart of hearts know this to be true. A submissive man knows better than most that it is through our own sexuality that women have the ultimate power to control us. The hell of it is, this is not something that men voluntarily give to women. It was wired into us by Mother Nature, so there must be a damn good reason for it—don’t ya think?

21 thoughts on “One picture is worth a thousand words

  1. I didn’t take the picture but you are correct in that it might be closer to the point. No doubt the photo was posed and taken by a male, hence the nude woman wearing heels 🙂

  2. It does accent your point that a woman can use the sexuality of her body to lead a man. Cool.

    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

  3. I did not mention that the boy is not entitled to have pubic hair and this should be shaved to show that the only adult in his life is leading him. In our house the boy is kept that way.

  4. I think the picture is beautiful on it’s face value. That it could be improved is besides the point, Female power. Just a thought from a slave

  5. I liked the photo, you didnt even need an IQ to understand it..
    also most men do as she says…
    Their just afraid to admit it….

    • I agree with you. We men love to obey female but our macho ego says otherwise.
      In fect for a better marriage, you ladies should learn how to make man obey . Train them how to serve. Never allow your man to fuck. Always fuck him to let him know who is in charge and make him get used to the live of being fuck by the wife. In the long term he will develop the love for this type of sex life. So, having a secong wife is meaningless and fucking a woman will not bring joys.Thus, whereelse to get sex? Got to back the wife to satisfy himself. A man of cush,can he ever disobey?

  6. Other than being in public, that is me and my Wife. There is a certain pleasure to be had from keeping your FLR private. When out with family or friends it often amuses my Wife to make a comment such as ‘These shoes are killing Me. I can’t wait to get home, take them off and put My feet up’.
    Of course we both know who will be taking Her shoes off (it sure as hell won’t be Her!) and exactly where she will be those gorgeous feet!

  7. lets face it , from the moment we were born, and prehaps technically the moment of our conception a woman was in charge of us. yes our mothers, then our school teachers were women, our baby sitters were women, our pizza joint servers were women, and who decided how far you went on a date…yes you guyed it …the woman…every thing depended on how well we pleased them. so live with it, admit it or not it is a woman lead word and men will follow a woman in order to get a hot meal or a hot body because its what we are used to doing. hell we even tip woman better to get better service at the coffee shoppe, so you decide whos in charge???,,,,

  8. Howdy you all, it looks to me like it is from the OWK, not in “Public”.

    It is a funny, realisitc, and possibly even a Romantic photo to me.

    Thanks, OB

  9. Is there a way to get a quality copy of the photo of the woman leading the man? This would be great to frame. It depicts the type of relationship many men have with the woman in their life.

  10. Great photo, If women only knew the power they had over men, they could rule the world. My wife limits my orgasms to twice a year, but I lick her to orgasm three to four times a week. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. I guess you could say she leads me around by my dick, or actually “Her dick”.

  11. A powerful photo? Or, perhaps the opposite is true? This shot was almost certainly staged by a male photographer. Let’s see, a nude female, in high-heels no doubt! Male fantasy stains the page where this photo is placed.

    Why would this photo be any LESS powerful if both subjects wore clothing? The power, the point of the photo lies in the control which the female here obviously holds over her man. Dress both. Have her grab his ear rather than his penis. This would more clearly show what needs to be shown here.

    Myself, I submit to my wife, not to her naked body. Is this the only power my lady holds over me? Hardly. My wife is gorgeous. The fact that her mind is exceptional makes me even crazier for her than her beauty and her hourglass figure does. My wife IS the dominant. This is no game. We talk little about D/s, femdom, and all of the other labels placed upon those like us. Rather, we live what most dream, and talk about. When my lady takes me off to the bedroom trust me, I know why, I know what is going to happen next. This has nothing to do with clothes, it has everything to do with the fact that I submit to my lady’s direction. When I am told to strip, I strip. When ordered to position myself, I do as I am told without argument. When my wife lashes me, I know she is doing so because, she loves me. We entered into our arrangement of our own free will. I accept my place, and do everything I can to be the support for my wife that she requires me to be. When I am punished it is because, I deserve punishment. When I am led off by my ear or, by a bent back finger believe me, I am not looking at her breasts, or, her shoesI know what is coming. In this moment the fear of being punished is crawling throughout my being. Just a look from my wife can make my skin crawl because, I know when my lady means business. I’ve wanted a relationship such as our is for as long as I can remember. My lady is perfect, absolutely perfect for me. Her breasts and shoes do not dominate me, she does.

    Femdom…Is it real? Is it just male fantasy? I’m living it. I am the guy all of these wannabes wish they could be. Oh and btw I LOVE my wife 🙂

    Keep dreaming guys! I’m in Heaven already.

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