We’re baaaaack

change ahead01

Call it a reset or a new beginning

I started this blog way back in ’06 when GoddessV and I were two years into shifting to a wife-led marriage. Male submission to female authority was new to me then and I was excited about it because introducing the dynamic into our relationship was responsible for resurrecting a relationship that was headed for a breakup. So I wrote for a couple of years about various aspects of a female-led relationship (or FLR), including some of the thoughts I had about FLRs in general. GoddessV also contributed although to a limited degree. The hope was that in doing so, I/we might encourage others to consider introducing this dynamic into their marriage or partnership.

As time went on, the blog acquired an amazing degree of readership, which led me to believe that there are many people out there who are interested in a wife-led marriage. Many of them were men who wanted to be led if not dominated by the women in their lives, among those, many who were unsure of how to introduce this dynamic into their relationship. It was all very gratifying to think that my writings may have helped, but the truth is, I felt as though I had run out of things to say. And Wife-Led Marriage went silent… until now.

Cyberspace is littered with dead or dormant blogs so that one might wonder what happened to the authors responsible for creating them. Did they pass on? Did they lose interest? Did they have a change of mind or heart? Were they full of crap from the get-go? Lately I’ve been thinking that in the case of this blog, people might wonder: were VeezKnight and GoddessV still living a FLR; did the dynamic simply not work; did we give up on it; worse—did we end up getting divorced?

Happily, VeezKnight and GoddessV are still together. Our marriage is still very much wife-led. But we are older, and we like to think, wiser than when we first married. Consequently the FemDom dynamic in our marriage has deepened and evolved. To put it simply, the point in reviving this blog is to chronicle the hows and whys.

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