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Eternal Idol (green)

We are a happily married couple who have discovered the key to maintain (or to reignite) passion in a marriage or committed relationship is for the man to worship the woman as his goddess and to submit to her authority.

We created this blog to help promote Wife-Led Marriage, Female-Led Relationships and Loving Female Authority. For us this FemDom dynamic applies within the confines of marriage, but the principles certainly apply to any committed relationship.

Note however, we do not necessarily advocate or endorse all of the practices or beliefs that some people may assume to be “requirements” of this lifestyle. Apart from a few basic elements we feel are necessary for a Female Led Relationship to be satisfying to both parties, this lifestyle can be anything two people want it to be.

Goddess V writes in color (but not very often).
VeezKnight writes in black.

Comments and questions are welcome.

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  1. Interestingly enough, the original inspired scriptures teach both female sovereignty and female discipline in the home.

  2. Love Some Advise!
    I first want to thank you for all the insite your books and website have provided me. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have been practising a femdom marraige for many years but only seriously for maybe six years, mostly in the bedroom, some descretely outside the bedroom and in public. Over time I continuie to slowly raise the bar by giving my husband new and more difficult challenges that generaly drive him deeper into submission and heighten my sexual arrousal. The next step I am contiplating is one that could have serious implications and one I have thought hard about for a sometime. It’s a step my husband has expressed to me in his deepest submissive moments and one that he says scares him to death. But we both crave it badly. This next step is to bring our femdom marriage out into the open and practice it more openly in our home and in front of family and friends.
    We have two beautiful daughters still living at home one just turned 18 and the other is 19. I have been holding off as long as I can with this next step but I think the time has come to begin talking with my daughters about female superiority and female domination. I am struggling on how to proceed and if they are old enough to understand and further confused with what is right and wrong or appropriate with regards to exposing our daughters to our femdom marriage. I must preface this by saying that both of my daughters are asking a lot of questions as they see there Dad being strickly controled and watch him do countless daily chores. Both girls have commented about how Dad is so submissive to me and how much control I have over him. Both girls have expressed several times that they hope to find a man just like Dad. I am loving the way they are thinking.
    I am very fortunate to have found a naturaly submissive husband which I love dearly and so cherish these past years of molding him to my wants and needs through strick training. I cannot put into words what it does to me to empower him and control him primarly through orgasm denial and corporal punishment to way beyond what most others can understand. I am in a constant state of arrousal watching him spend many hours a day trying to please me by completing grueling chores to perfection, focusing on intence mental tasks while restained for long periods of time and then servicing my personal needs usually late into the night with little or no sleep. I with out question believe in what we practice in our marriage and want to stop hiding it in the bedroom and bring it out in the open where appropriate in front of my daughters, family and friends.
    My oldest daughter is going to be going to our local community college this fall for two years and my 18 year old has one more year in high school and does not know forsure what she wants to do, but most likely both girls will be living at home for the next couple years or more. My question centers around what is appropriate in our household and are my girls at an age to be exposed to our femdom marriage. My husband does most all the chores in our house with exception of the main bathroom which the girls share, and the girls bedrooms. For years the girls have handled these chores. Both girls are very busy and now have taken on jobs to help pay for there schooling which is terrific so I think my husband should have to add these chores to his agenda. Maintaining there bedrooms, making ther beds each morning and cleaning and maintaining there bathrooms. Do you see anything wrong with this? A year ago I added to my husbands weekly agenda the chore of doing all the household laundry including the girls which he does twice a week.
    My next questions center around what is appropriate in our household beyond the chores.
    I should add a bit about my daughters here just so you have a complete picture. Both girls currently have boyfriends and both have exprienced sex. Neither is naive, both are quite comfortable with there bodies and often run around the house in just there underpants even if Dad is around. When Dad is not around they have no problem running around naked or sunbathing nude on our private deck. About a month ago the youngest brought up the subject of our local nude beach and how she and a girl friend of hers checked it out. I probed her about it and learned that my little girl is growing up. I was surprised with how comfortable she seemed to be with her body and nudity. She informed me that she thought I am such a prude at times. Little does she know I have been to this same nude beach several times as I love to parade my hubby in his Lori tube (I love to give him a dose of humiliation from time to time).
    Both girls are agressive and assertive in life which I really love and I think it is time to broaden there horizons. I have been truely fortunate to have very open relationships with my girls, we often talk openly about drugs, alcohal and sex. Recently the girls and I went to the youngest girl’s soccer game out of state so we had a long car ride and boy they really hit me between the eyes when the topic of sex came up and how I probed into there sex lives and expected them to be open with me but that it was not fair that I was not being open with them about mine and specificly about how I dominate there Dad.
    I had to agree with them and little do they know how much I would love to talk, share and expose them to my femdom lifestyle. But I want to make sure I do not hinder the wonderful mother daughter relationships I have with both girls. I have a list below of topics that are swirling around my head and would love to hear your thoughts on subjects like: (1) Exposing the fact that I have thier Dad in chastity, and that he is never permitted to masturbate. (2) Orgasm denial, I do not permit him orgasms more frequently than monthly, usually he has to go several months between releases. (3) Should the girls see there Dad knell? (4) Should they see him naked or wearing his Lori tube? (5) Should they see him in his collar or on a leash. (6) Should they be allowed to give him instruction? I might love this one. (7) Should they hear or witness a punishment? (8) Little do they know that there Dad gets serious corner time, never less than two hours, normaly more, should they get to observe this? (9) Should they know their Dad is wearing panties, should they observe this? (10) Should they know I control all the money and finances to the extent that he does not have his name on any of our bank accounts, the house, cars, business and only gets a meager weekly allowance when he is good.

    May I also ask you what you think is appropriate in the general public or in front of other family, friends, coworkers and what you think is crossing the line.
    I want to take this next step so badly and have waited so long making sure the timing is right and appropiate. The thought of subjecting my husband to this incredible humiliation and what it will ultimately do for me just makes my body shutter. Then most of all showing and teaching my daughters all about femdom marraige.

    Thanks, Sherri
    PS It is ok to post this, as I aould love to get comments.

  3. Dear Sherri,

    Hmmm. Your daughters have reached adulthood, so I guess most things are okay if the four of you are comfortable with them. It is of course especially important that the submissive, your husband, really wants to be humiliated in front of his children, family and friends.

    You keep asking what is appropriate. There must be a million answers to that question, and millions of people who would find the way you dominate your man totally inappropriate. Such people are entitled to their opinion, and you guys are entitled to lead the life that makes you happy, as long as you are not abusing anyone.

    Let me give you a very personal answer. By the way, I am a slightly submissive straight man in his Fifties married to a woman who is strong but not kinky. I would hope that while dominating your husband, you do show him respect and love, and do not destroy his dignity, even if he asks you to. I hope you allow and encourage him to be a proud submissive. I would hope that you would do this both in private and in public. I imagine that his daughters would not mind seeing you subjugate or even punish him, as long as they feel you are not being cruel or nasty. It’s already perfectly obvious that you are the boss. They like that, but that does not necessarily mean that they would like seeing their father treated badly.

    Don’t get me wrong. If in private the two of you are excited by playing scenes of cruelty and degradation, then be my guest. That’s not what excites me, but hey, it takes all kinds to make a world. But I do think that should be private. The reason is simple. When you are alone, you are in full control of what happens. In public, you are not. Willingly or accidentally, you might expose your husband to a kind and a level of humiliation that is not fun at all, but really nasty. I imagine that you would want to avoid that. You may even need to protect him against such situations.

    By all means dominate him, but please take care of him.

    Good luck

    The Gruffalo

  4. I say pareny’s sexuality should be kept to parents without exceptions… however, talking about female supremacy is NOT just sexual, it is ideology. Saying to your daughters you control the finances are dominant etc. is OK, but I think you should NEVER let them see there father naked, humiliated, punished, know about the chastity regime he has or doesn’t have…

    if you are very open maybe you can talk about these subjects in theory, but please don’t cross the line of talking about them as they applt ro your sexual life! Let them explore sex on there own account, not having a parental image on the back of the mind when being dominant or engaging in say, humiliation play or in punishing a submissive.

    Also, even within a patriarchy xhildren must respect mothers. WHY would femdom be different? a dad is a dad and they must respect him, not order him around. He might be a male, but he is still a parent!

    Good luck. I hope you find my opinion helpful.

    • The Woman is the boss, but she should never cross the line of degrading her male below the dignity any living thing, especially a human being, and a loved one deserves. The male is a loved property and a living animal, a homo-sapiens that the Superior Woman should dominate, domesticate, and do so with love but a firm hand (oh, and a whip always helps).

      • Exactly as Gina says above. The woman is the boss so, this is up to her. He may or may not agree however, it is not his place to question her will.

        This seems to me to be a topic which should have been discussed when the topic of limits where explored.

        Myself, I wouldn’t involve the children in your relationship. My wife is very strict however, very loving. We both understand why we do what we do but, we have raised our children to have their own wants and their own desires, to live their lives to the fullest. The choices they make for their sexuality are entirely their own. We have done our best to teach our children how to be happy with who they are but, this has nothing to do with our sexual relationship. You may be opening a can of worms best left unopened. Leave your daughters to discover themselves, their choices are not your choices any longer, accept this, and let the young ladies blossom and grow on their own now. I am certain they understand who wears the pants in your home. I would leave it there if were you.

  5. I say, u shud humiliate ur husband without any botheration n regardless of who is present while u r humiliating him… I wud love to hav such a wife who will humiliate me even in front of childrens, friends or any1… She shud hav total control n total authority… even if my daughters n my mother in law humiliates me i wud b v much happy… I will b blessed to hav a wife like you…

  6. Also i think tht u shud ask ur hubby daily to smell n clean ur dirty asshole instead of tissue paper aftr u had laterine n drink ur piss everytime u hav…

  7. VK and Goddess V,

    You two are so awesome! I found your blog searching for information on loving female authority. A few days before I found your blog, I got the idea to write my own blog about the subject and my experiences. There seems to be a serious lacking in quality, practical information on the subject. Having established that, your writings are refreshing

  8. VK and Goddess V,

    You two are so awesome! I found your blog searching for information on loving female authority. A few days before I found your blog, I got the idea to write my own blog about the subject and my experiences. There seems to be a serious lacking in quality, practical information on the subject. Having established that, your writings are so refreshing! You two are funny, intelligent, tactful, and inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us!


    A Loving Yet Dominant Wife

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  11. This is the correct way to live. Women should always dominate and control men. We need to educate the world about this reality. We should start teaching boys that they have to obey girls and start taking advice and guidance from them from and early stage. Girls should be given the confidence to lead and dominate boys all the time.

  12. I am from south India and married for two years now. My wife is highly educated and earns well. While the norm in our part of the world is for the husband to be dominant, my wife asserted her authority on me slowly and we are in a wife-led-marriage for the past one year now. Since we live separately our families, no one knows that she is in control. My wife is now pregnant for four months now and we felt that the regular discipline sessions once every two weeks would become difficult soon. She suggested that someone has to do this for her otherwise she feels she would lose her authority eventually and I would take control. I told her I would not but she does not accept. The suggestions for the person to conduct this sessions is her mother, her younger sister who is 24 and unmarried, or her close friend who is 28 and a strict teacher in a nearby school. I honestly don’t want any of them because I can’t imagine being whipped or humiliated by someone else. What to do? Please give me suggestions soon.

    • Well Prasanna, nice to know that such things are happening in south india. Well, I think the sister is better because the mother would be very traditional and very difficult to make her understand. The teacher is an outsider and it is possible that the word could spread and who knows how it will affect your public image. I know that submitting to young unmarried girl is very humiliating but it will be a great experience and will make sure you become more obedient and submissive overall. All the best!

      • By the way, I live in Chennai too. I had been always taught my parents that girls are always to obey their husbands after marriage and this of course is the norm here. But my husband wanted me to lead the family and he introduced me to wife led marriage through websites. I initially thought he was just joking and wanted to try this as a game but it has now turned out to be a permanent relationship. I have started enjoying my role of dominating him and love the power. We have our discipline sessions once a week and it is usually confessions, some caning and enema. I wish to share that it is interesting for me to make him ask for permission to use the bathroom, to make him wear a sanitary napkin as well on the days I have my period and also make him recite a list of submissive commandments to me every night kneeling before me prior to sleeping. Since he goes to work and I am a housewife, I don’t make him do the housework but I keep full control of the finance. I wish I could share my life happenings to my family or friends but it is still considered abnormal here so I cannot risk it. I will be glad if any other Indians could share some of their experience.

  13. you should accept the person that your wife chooses for you. It is not a matter that you should decide. If you are lucky it will be her mother but if it’s someone else then you must go with her decision

  14. Hi Prasanna. I wish your wife had asked this question so I can openly answer. I will tell her the teacher friend is best. I am from Kottayam and I had similar situation when I had baby. I make my husband self discipline by kneeling on floor and whip himself until both buttocks change colour. Don’t involve her mother or sister because will create family problem. Teacher is best and because she is strict. I am sorry for you when teacher whips you, it will be very shameful.

  15. Thank you Sindhu and Manju for your suggestions. I suggested my wife that I can whip myself to her satisfaction but she refused saying that self-discipline is me controlling the situation. Her teacher friend came over last week for coffee and I have a feeling that my wife has decided to let her take charge. My sife just told me there is surprise for me this Sunday but did not tell me what. My sife showed her friend around the house including the room where the sessions are held. I only heard them giggle when they spent about ten minutes inside the room. I was very nervous and went to my bedroom. I really don’t know how it would be this Sunday

  16. I had been half expecting my wife’s teacher friend to appear Sunday morning and passed time nervously. But at 11am, the usual time for start of our session, I felt so relieved when my wife just started locking the main door and closing the windows and curtains. I was led into our so called discipline room and I undressed and knelt in front of the table. As usual, my wife bound my ankles, thighs and my hands clasped behind my back. I knelt there obediently partly glad that no one else will be taking over. She grabbed her thin whip from the wardrobe and suddenly striked my buttocks without warning. This was unusual because she always makes me confess my wrong doings in the past two weeks and make me pledge that I would be ever a good husband and so forth. I yelped in pain and surprise and looked up at her. She said that she had asked me to choose someone because of her pregnancy but I had purposely evaded to give a reply. She striked two more times with a fury and I knew I was in trouble. She talked about how worried she was on having to make the right decision, and how confused she was and how concerned she was for the past two weeks, and how she expected me to support her in this situation. As she kept talking, I received several strokes in between her talks. I was still comforted by the thought that no one else was involved amidst the painful strokes of the whip. After about 30 minutes I think, she dragged me up and undid my wrists. She tied my wrists to the ceiling ring instead streching my hands upwards. She asked me to say my usual pledge and repeat myself until she came back using the bathroom. I don’t wish to fully say my pledge here because I feel a little embarassed but it mainly includes my obedience and submission to my wife. I had to keep repeating the pledge until she actually returned and sometimes she stood outside the room and listened, and when she noticed that I had stopped, then there will be more punishment. I usually avoided that because I had to go to the office on Mondays and so had to complete the session with managable damage. I repeated my pledge loud and clear and knew I had said it over at least more than 10 times when my wife walked in and closed the door again. She walked close to me and said that her friend Devi, the teacher, had come and was waiting in the hall. I literally froze in shock because I was certain no one else would come. She said that it was strictly for discipline purpose and there would be nothing intimate about it, and her friend was helping them so she asked me to really behave. What she said next humiliated me to the core – She looked at my manhood and said that if she saw an erection then she would teach me a lesson which I will never forget and she does not want to be embarassed in front of her friend of my perverted thoughts which the erection will reveal. I really had no such desire already being naked and at mercy of an unknown female. My wife went back to the hall and brought back her friend. I was helpless. Devi hesitated to come in after she saw a glimpse of me naked but my wife Preethi convinced her. I shut my eyes as they both looked at me. I heard their footsteps around me and knew they were inspecting me and they were whispering which I could not understand. One hand touched my ass cheek first and I jerked a little forward and then a slap and then my wife said stay in place. I stepped back and stood rigid. I heard Devi chuckle and then felt Devi’s smooth hand on my ass cheek and followed by a soft pat. I resisted moving. My wife undid my wrists and made me face her. She pointed to her feet and I knew I had to get down to my knees and ask her to start disciplining me, which I reluctantly did after many times of willingly doing it before.. When I got up, she pointed to Devi’s feet and I could not believe it. Devi stepped backwards refusing but my wife told her it was alright because I was just her student today. I knelt before Devi and asked for her to start my discipline too and I almost cried kneeling. Devi used her hands and lifted me up. Devi then took Preethi outside the room and closed the door which I started weeping. A few minutes passed and they both returned again and Devi had the whip in her hand. Devi undid my ankle ropes and also the rope around my thighs. I streched my legs slightly and felt a little easy. Devi said that she is only doing this to help her friend and she will be treating him the same way she would treat a naughtly boy at school. I could only nod looking at the floor. I noticed my wife had slowly stepped aside to the far end of the room leaving me and Devi in the middle. I felt scared for the first time more than my humiliation and shame. She asked me to hold my ears my hands in cross. I knew what was coming. This is what the world now knows as Super Brain Yoga which here is used for punishment. I used my right hand to hold my left ear and then my left hand to hold my right ear. When I looked at her, I noticed that she was not shy to see me naked and not afraid of punishing an unknown older male. She stared right back and landed a strike with a whip on my right leg. She announced with authority that I am only permitted to look at the floor unless asked to look at her. I simply nodded and looked at the floor, and I heard my wife chuckle far away. She instructed me to make a confession of a wrongdoing and then scout down and up. When I confessed my first, of the total 4 that I had thought of, she gave me 3 strokes on my buttocks or legs where ever the whip landed. When I had completed the fourth and received the whipes, I could barely stand steady. I told her that was all and suddenly my wife walked towards us and said to me that I had not mentioned the wrongdoing of coming back home late after wrok last week. Despite geniune reasons for being held up late at office, it has been agreed that I will take punishment for coming back home any later than 8pm. I nodded at my wife and apologised. I received a hard whip from Devi and she asked me to do the scouting for 20 more times. I hesitated and looked at her in disbelief but soon wished I didn’t when she landed another hard one and yelled at me to do it now. I started reluctantly and half way through I became tired. I paused for breath and received another sharp stroke. I touched my ass in pain and received another on the nack of my hand too. She yelled at me to my hands on my ears and complete the 20. I don’t know how but I managed. When I was done with the 20, I received 5 more whips holding my ears. She looked at me and asked if any more confessions I had forgotton and I promptly looked at my wife for assistance. She shrug her shoulders and I said “No”. She landed another stroke and said I should address her as “Madam”. I felt so humiliated to call someone as Madam because I never called my wife that. “No Madam” I had to say. Devi, now my Madam, walked to my wife and they started chatting something quietly while I still stood there with my hands holding my ears painfully unsure if I can put my hands down. I heard my wife say it was fine with her and they both smiled about something. Devi asked me to keep my hands holding my ears and follow her to the hall. I looked at my wife unsurely because we had never stepped into the hall during a session before. Madam just opened the door and looked at me sternly and I knew I had to follow her. My wife put her hand on my neck guiding me out while Madam went to sit on the middle of the the 3-seater long leather sofa. My wife guided me to lay face down on the sofa over Madam’s lap exposing my buttocks for a old fashioned spanking. While me elbows rested on one end of the sofa and my feet on the other end, my mid-section was resting between her spread legs. I felt very strange having to take a spanking because it has always been either the whip or the belt or the cane, but never the hand of my wife. I felt odd as I stared at the tea table in front of me. I felt Madam’s hand rub something cold and oily on my ass cheeks and started massaging them for a while. I knew my erection was starting at that time and tried to fight my thoughts. Before long, I was certain my penis had grown to a semi erect state and it would be very difficult to get it back down. The spanking soon started but it was not painful. The oil I think was to make it sting but it was not really as bad as the whipping earlier. After about 5 minutes, my erection was full and I knew I would be in trouble the moment I was made to stand up. This was definitely unfair being thrusted in between a woman’s legs and being fondled by her on my sensitive backside, but there was no point arguing it. Madam said she was finished and pulled me up but I stayed down trying hard to divert my thoughts and bring my erection down but I was not succeeding. My wife dragged me up and I turned away from both of them and started waling away. Hardly I would have walked 3 steps when the whip tore my skin on my ass. I turned around and faced my wife. She immediately noticed my erection and so did Devi. Devi giggled as I covered myself. My wife instructed me to go inside the room in a strong tone and I complied. I heard more giggles from Devi and predicted my fate standing in the room naked and weeping again. I soothed my ass but my mind was elsewhere. I heard the main door open and close with more giggles from Devi Madam walking away. My wife came in and said nothing for a moment but just stared at me in anger. She then gave me one tight slap across my face and I shrieked. She has never slapped me in my face before and I knew it was not going to be pleasant to face her punishment. Her silence was more than I could endure and I started apologising and knelt on feet. She simply dragged me to our bedroom and made me lie face up. She went away for a while as I lied down there really crying. My erection had gone now and I really wished it had gone long back. She came back with ropes and bound me spread eagle on our bed. She then brought a ball gag from the wardrobe and gagged me. I had been only gagged only twice before during punishment and that was when she was really really angry at something serious. She then also blindfolded me which was very unusual. The only time she blindfolded me when it was soon followed by a several hours of bondage, but there was no gag at that time. I could not imagine what was coming next and still cannot believe what indeed came next. I am still wearing the chastity belt that she fastened on me two days back. I have not been to work in two days and don’t think I will be going for this whole week. I was in the blindfold and the gag until monday morning for a full day. I was forced to pee onto the belt and the small hole in it leaked it out to the bed. I can’t digest peeing on myself. I was allowed to brush and eat today and do some of my work. My wife used the cane on me last night which she said will go on every night untill next Sunday when Devi Madam will come back. I tried removing the chastity belt but it is locked and she has the key. I feel like taking it from her with force but just hoping she will give up her anger by today or tomorrow and we can get back to normal. Sorry for the long post but I had to tell express my feelings somehow. I can’t tell anyone I know personally so here it is. Can someone tell me if it is normal to have an erection when being spanked on a woman’s lap? And is there anything I can do to convince my wife to remove the chastity belt?

  17. I just caught my husband posting his miseries here and I just gave him a good caning. I am posting this as he is sobbing and bound in his so called discipline room. I can’t believe he has been posting for a month and I did not know. But I like this forum and posts from Sindhu and Manju. Nice to know I am not the only one here wanting a disciplined husband. I don’t think my husband will post anymore after seeing my post here. But I am not as wicked as he has made me look. The erection part now seems unfair but I did not think so when I was laughed at by my close friend. Maybe I will release my husband first from his binds and let him relax. I feel bad suddenly.

  18. I removed his chastity belt but noticed that he had peed on himself again during this short frame of time. As he begged for forgiveness, I humbly told him I forgave him and undid all his binds. I have asked him to take a shower and get back to sleep without bothering me. By the way, since I am on this forum anyway, I don’t mind sharing my story. I too was brought up in Madurai in a very traditional way and now living in Chennai after marriage with my husband. As everyone says, the wife led marriage concept is not the norm and is considered taboo here. But my friend devi has always believed and has also told me several times that only if wife is in control of the house, then the house will be peaceful. It is also a open secret that most husband fear their wives but refuse to showcase that in public. Devi got married when she was 22 about six years back. Her husband is about 4 years older than her. He is a nice person but very much under Devi’s control. Devi always told me that she followed the theme of bringing her husband into her control within the first 90 days of marriage which is “Aasai 60 days and Moham 30 Naal” (Desire 60 days and Lust 30 days) and after this 90 days, the husband no longer has the reason to follow the wife’s commands because he is mostly satisfied of his desire and lust for sex with a new bride. Devi still claims that she has successfully fine-tuned her husband to her rhythm during the first 90 days by making him do all she wanted and hardly giving him anything he needed. This apparently has worked for her and she is one happy person. Of course, her teacher training had certainly helped her in getting her ways. When I was married two years back, she had persistently been telling me to follow her methods but I did not dare because my family had told me that since I was the first daughter in the family and that I had a sister waiting marriage, I had to live up to be an example for a happy married life and the only way for that is to be obedient to my husband and do whatever he wants to save the marriage. I was to adjust to everything including my new house, my new parents in law, my two sisters in law who I dispiced from the first day, and all their new habits etc. Moreover, I had to make love to a person I never knew prior to marriage, which is one strange thing of arranged marriages here. My mother in law made me do all the work at home while her two daughters did nothing. I had to wash all the clothes, clean the house, massage my mother in law’s legs, buy groceries and of course prepare my husband for work and the two girls for college. My friends have always been suggesting that I should move away with my husband to another house so I can escape the troubles of his family. I never had the nerve to ask him though. After about two months, I started to give him less and less bedtime together saying that I was too tired with all the work and had to get up early. Eventually he was getting frustrated and I mustered the courage to hint moving to a separate house for more privacy. I was gaining his support slowly and started becoming confident that I would soon move out. A month later, there was a nasty fight between his sister and myself over her missing watch and she accused me of stealing it. The part that upset me the most was that my mother in law and his other sister sided against me. When the watch was found later that day in the bathroom window sill, no one bothered to apologise to me and just tried to avoid the topic. I ceased the opportunity to persuade my husband to move out at the earliest and we did move out the month after that getting a new house. I can’t remember exactly when but sometime after we moved into our new house, I started pointing out to him that he was not doing a good job of handling family matters and slowly took over the control. I gave him a wonderful day on our 1st wedding anniversary with many surprises including a gathering with friends and good walk along a lonely seashore and a nice 25 dish dinner prepared at home by my friends including Devi and my sister and mother. He was so mesmorised at that day’s events that he confessed to me that it was the best day ever in his life. I offered him that if I was allowed to run the family with full authority, then he would have the rest oflife as all best days. He consented and I went through the details as told to me by Devi and some other friends many times. I told him that I will set the house rules and be in full control of the money. I also told him that he will have to simply listen and do whatever I say without question and accept any punishment that I may give him for not obeying me. He consented waiting for the the love making part after the discussion was over. He was obviously eagar to complete his day with the icing on the cake which is sex. I took out a writing pad and made him write his Pledge (yes, the Pledge which he said he was embarrassed to mention earlier). He enthusiastically took the writing pad but I noticed his enthusiasm drop as he continued. I am not embarrassed to share the Pledge here, in fact I am proud of my dictation. The Pledge is as follows :-

    1. I am Preethi’s husband and I belong to her fully.

    2. Preethi is my superior, guide, mentor, teacher, guardian and correctioner at all times for the rest of my life.

    3. I promise to do whatever she asks me to do in all circumstances and at all times.

    4. I promise to listen and obey her in all circumstances and at all times.

    4. I promise to respect her and worship he at all times.

    5. I am fully submissive to her command and shall always be at her disposal.

    6. I shall be at her mercy at all times.

    7. I will ensure not to displease, disappoint, disrespect or disobey her in any circumstances and at all times.

    8. I will abide by all rules and disciplinary measures set by her in any circumstances and at all times and shall accept any punishment she may deem fit to administer on me at anytime, any place and in any manner.

    9. I am always bound by this Pledge and am doing so for my benefit of a having a happy married life.

    After he completed writing, I asked him to read it to me which he hesitantly did. After that, I told him that he shall go to the hall and memorise the Pledge and come back to the bedroom and kneel on the floor without clothes and tell me the Pledge. When he looked blank at me, I told him that if he could do that, then I would give him the best ever night he could have imagined. That was motivating enough and he was out of the room. I patiently waited for about 45 minutes when he walked in with a smile. I sat on the bed facing him. He knelt down one knee first and then both. I looked at him for the first time as a person I could truly control after all. When he started, he was a little slow but soon completed the entire Pledge flawless. I surpressed my joy and signalled him to remove his clothes. He undressed to his briefs and I asked him to remove that too. He reluctantly did. I just remember all this so clearly as if it all happened just yesterday. Anyways, then I told him to kneel down and tell me the Pledge again. He did so and this time he was a bit quicker and more confident. I stood up and he looked up at me. I told him that I will take over the family duties from the next day and he will be bound by his Pledge. He nodded. I was really in joy of conquering my man and I made love to him like there was no tomorrow which I am sure was not only his best night but also mine.
    I introduced the discipline sessions on a regular basis. Initially it was planned to be once a week but I decided it to be once in two weeks because he is working. Devi has given me a lot of insights of the various ways of punishments and I should also give credit to my friend Nithya, a nurse, for teaching me the benefits of enema and drinking of caster oil for cleaning the body and the benefits of several oils used for bathing.

    Sindhu, I liked your idea of asking permission for using the toilet and also making him wear a sanitary napkin during our days. But I feel it is somewhat backfiring to openly let him know that it is our time of the month. Maybe I might like the idea of asking him to wear it everyday instead of his briefs or maybe under his briefs. What do you think?

    And Manju chechi, the teacher whipping was surely shameful for him. It is maybe the next level in his submission.
    And, the chastity belt is given to me by Devi a few months back for me to try on as a kink and it was surely fun wearing it under my petticoat and saree for 3 days. I however removed it whenever using the bathroom. It has a small hole towards the front bottom which allows the pee to flow out and the back has a zipper just enough to relieve from the back. I haven’t tried it during bathroom so I don’t know if it is comfortable or not. I will have to ask him tomorrow.

    As he said, he will be taking this week off because I still intend to cane him every night because I don’t want him to feel that I would go lenient on him.

    It will be nice if someone can suggest new and interesting punishments that will be humiliating and unforgettable or maybe unbearable? And also some regular rituals which consistently remind them of their submissive position?

  19. Preethi, I think you are correct that making my husband wear the napkins on my period days actually makes him know I am having it. I will make him wear daily. I think asking him to clean the toilet kneeling on the toilet floor on our supervision is humiliating and should make a husband feel very low. Also, you can ask him to touch your feet every morning for blessings. Maybe also ask him to shave his body hair clean so he feels more naked when undressed. I also like the idea of making him wear a chain (like our Thaali) with a locket which has your picture on it. Since you have a friend Devi involved already, maybe you can ask her to supervise the toilet cleaning and maybe ask your husband to wash both yours and Devi’s clothes by hand.

    I would love to implement most of the things I am suggesting but I have not attempted it on him yet. I am reluctant for some reason.

  20. As a punishment, I made my husband urinate with his briefs on sitting on the closet. When he is done and dripping, I asked him to stand up and remove his briefs, and made him to wash his briefs with soap then and there. But I have done it only once and I have reserved this punishment for very severe matters.

  21. I am becoming fascinated about writing here for some reason. Anyway, I did not cane my husband every night since my last post. I only did it for one night and then he went to work the next day. He had promised not to embarrass me again by showing my friend his erection. But it so happened that when Devi spanked him over her knees today, my husband again had an erection. I was angry and Devi left our house laughing again. My husband says he did not intend it and it was natural when his privates rubbed against my friend’s thighs. How to prevent this from happening again?

    Sindhu, I will try out some of your suggestions because I am sure my husband is submissive enough to implement these things.

  22. I really cannot believe you are doing all this Preethi, Sindhu and Manju living in south india. I am 26 and married to a beautiful 22 year old for six months. I am in charge of the house and has not even dared to speak a word that would displease or offend me. I have fantasised about BDSM lifestyle but never got to try it on her because I was afraid that it was abnormal. But I cannot really understand that a Femdom relationship is indeed being practiced here. Crazy. And the whole Pledge thing, humiliating punishments and of course the chastity belt is really crazy. Can you ladies show some respect to your men??

    • The latest contributions have been fascinating but I should like to go back to Sherri ‘ questions about involving her daughters. For me the answer is straightforward that the daughters should know exactly what the relationship between their parents is. But maybe do it bit by bit. It is so long ago that the questions were posed that my comments are too late. How did it go?

  23. Vijay, this lifestyle is very harmonious compared to the one led by men. Before I took control, I was subjected to scoldings and slappings very often for mistakes which are of no fault of mine. At least, I am feeling happy now and I am sure that he is happy too though a little sorry when he gets it. When was the last time you truly acted for your wife’s needs selflessly? My husband now always puts my pleasure above his and just imagine what it means in bed for me. Just ask your wife if she enjoys being submissive to you.

    Preethi, the erection is natural. If you are uncomfortable with his erection in front of your friend, then try placing a pillow between her lap and his abdomen. You may allow him to cover himself with a towel once the spanking is over. You can give him a thong panties to wear so the tightness will prevent his erection and will not rub against your friend’s legs. Have you been to visit Devi’s house when she disciplines her husband? If not, just try to ask her if you could do so and maybe could have a chance to laugh about her husband’s erection which is bound to happen naturally…

    By the way, about the daughters point, I don’t fancy a family incest. As much as I would like the daughters to take control of their own family after their marriage, I don’t think it is correct to involve them with what happens to their father. If I am faced with a similar situation, I will just wait until their weddings are fixed and tell them just before the wedding on how to take control of their husbands, and so I will not have to face the situation of using my husband as an example because they would have someone to exert authority.

  24. Preethi, just wondering if you ever spoke to your sister about having control over your man and do you discuss with her what type of person she wants to marry? I have an older sister who is 28 and as I am 27, it was fairly easy to discuss almost anything. In fact, she got married a year earlier than me but we had discussed about exerting authority over our husbands and tried out at about the same time. It has been 4 years now. I also have a younger sister who is 24 but we never told her about our dominating lifestyles until she found out last year. Now, it was quite easy for her to follow our methods and she is one happy girl with her husband. Interestingly, my younger sister now does more things to her husband to keep him in line than I myself feel scared to venture. For instance, she managed to convince her husband’s younger sister to stay over at her house for a weekend while she went through the routine discipline session with her husband. At the end of the discipline session, she allowed his sister to tell him all the disappointments she had of her brother and allowed her to administer about 10 whips to his buttocks. My sister told me with great enthusiam how her husband had pleaded with his sister for forgiveness and mercy as she lashed all her anger. Before the sister left, he had begged her to keep this incident hushed and save his dignity. Well, only if I had the nerves to approach my sister-in-law…

  25. Sindhu, I tried using the pillow and it worked. He did not have an erection after Devi’s spanking. Also, I had him clean the toilet kneeling after the spanking while me and Devi watched. He started sobbing half way through, but managed to complete his task. I am planning to get a locket chain for him too soon and I love the idea. I have also made him to touch my feet every morning when he wakes up and start his day with my permission.

    Interesting to know your sisters are like you too. I have not been able to discuss any of my life with my sister though because I feel she is too young and cannot understand, but I was quite close to opening up to her if Devi did not wish to help. And, I am really surprised to know that your sister managed to convince her husband’s sister to actually whip her husband, was there any further involvement? I can’t imagine how degraded your sister’s husband felt after being whipped by his younger sister and wife in the same room. I wish I could ask my sister-in-laws but they both hate me so I don’t think it is possible.

    I am very hesitant to ask Devi if I can visit her during her session with her husband. I am not sure if that is right.

    The one thing I am worried about is that my husband seems a little dull and weary for the past few weeks since Devi came into his discipline routine. I feel his love for me has disappeared and what he does in bed for me seems somewhat out of obligation or fear. He of course denies this but I am not sure. But the discipline Devi administers is way better than I wished. I am just confused

  26. I think you should not use pillow when your friend is spanking. The direct touch of his helplessness over a woman’s lap is embarrassing and part of the punishment. If he has erection, then it is more embarrassing for him, not you Preethi. By using pillow, you are helping him. If he gets erection, then you use the cane on him and again make him take spanking from your friend. Repeat this until he can control himself.

    My story is little different. My mother-in-law told me that my husband was always naughty boy when young and she also beat him with stick until he cry. After our marriage, he was too shy to have sex with me. His mother always asked me if we had sex and if she can expect grandchild, and after many days I told her that he was too shy and he did not have interest to have sex. She got angry and when my husband came back that night after work at his shop, she pulled him by his ear and tied him to the round pillar at home. She then took a long bamboo stick and start beating him and scold him. After she became a little calm, she called me to come closer and gave me the stick. I was shocked. I was only 18 that time and now 28. My husband was 20 that time. She ask me to beat him. I was too afraid and very shocked to hear my mother-in-law shouting, so I took the stick and beat my poor husband as he cried. This is how it started and my mother-in-law took promise from me and him that I will always beat him for any mistakes and he will accept the beating as punishment. This is now become permanent routine at home and I cane my husband very often and now without clothes and in the buttocks so no one can see how bad it is. My mother-in-law is too old now, but if she wants to beat my husband, she ask me to do it and I do with his clothes on and mostly in the hands or legs, not buttocks because I feel quite embarrassed to beat in his private area publicly.

  27. So your husband is now 30. It is right that you should discipline him. Do you have any other forms of punishment or is beating him the only one? Do you send him to bed early, for example, if you wish to have some time to yourself?

  28. I don’t let him sleep early. If I need private time, I make him sleep in the hall outside and I stay in bedroom. Other punishment sometime is to tie his hands to his back and make him kneel down and I feed him food. He must ask please and say thank you after every mouth. Few times I have used a rope to scratch both sides of his private area so his skin will leak some liquid and hurt when he wears his underwear. The underwear will become very wet and sticky, and I make him wear the same underwear for about a week and then make him wash it in front of me with his hands. I make him do murga holding his ears. I also heat the steel rod or flat spoon and put on his hand or feet. His hands and feet get swollen and very painful for few days. This I did when he crash the motorcycle careless. Everyday, he touch my feet and take blessings and also clean my slippers before he go to shop.

  29. Preethi, how is the baby doing inside? It is normal to have such confusions when you are carrying so don’t worry. Just ask Devi to continue what she is doing, it seems she is doing well.

    We would be having a relative’s marriage this friday and my sisters and their husbands along with the husbands families would be attending. We have decided to gather all the girls in our age group, including my younger sister’s sister-in-law who gave the whipping to my sister’s husband, and discuss this subject. We also plan to convince the bride to take control from day one instead of being stupid like we were wehn we were married. We will be there on wednesday and would have two days time. I am excited but my husband is reluctant to attend the marriage because he feels he might be caught in the middle of something unpleasant but I have assured him I will not do anything to degrade him in front of anyone.

    Manju Chechi, some of your punishments are so interesting. I will try some of them when I have the chance next time.

    The 20ml caster oil drink in empty stomach in the morning really is effective. It cleared him out by the end of the day and he was so exhausted from using the bathroom. He had to ask me permission each time and that made it great. I started it yesterday and plan to repeat every Sunday. I give him no food, only warm water during the day, and some congee at night.

  30. I have delivered a baby girl and I am back home. After I left for my parents’ house waiting delivery, Devi refused to continue saying it was inappropriate without me being present. My husband has been visiting me often and we have maintained a diary of his wrong doings and I have told him today of the punishments that he will be receiving for them. After many months, I gave him a whipping today resuming his training session. He hesitated and complained having enjoyed the freedom all this months, but I made sure there was no leniency. I had him shave his full body hair and gave him enema 3 times before making him clean the toilet. I then gave him 30 whips and 10 strokes of the cane. I then allowed him to sleep on the floor naked. I will be sleeping on the bed with my baby. I hope to bring Devi home next week and see how my husband feels about it.

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